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Tumblr to WordPress

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Okay, if everyone is jumping over to wordpress (as it seems), can you all start a reblog of your new URLs there so I can add them to my feedly (thanks @straightarrowlife​ for that recommendation)?

So far I’ve got

@karikeepsrunning at karikeepsrunning.wordpress.com

@breatherunlive at breatherunlive.wordpress.com

So please reblog if you’re jumping over too!

My wordpress is Tridad3k.com

My WordPress: EraseAllDoubt.com

Mine is wsb2015.wordpress.com I’ll keep it up and running over there if some of you will no longer be on Tumblr.

I am going to blog on WordPress, but it will post a link to here as well. And I will still check my Tumblr dash as well. I would miss all of you too much! But, I will say with just the dozen or people that have already shown up on my WordPress Dash…I am really enjoying being able to comment and reply to comments!! Eek! I’m like a kid in a candy store 🙂 


No content yet (Technology takes me a little while to figure out – so it might be a bit of a slow transfer.) Like Kari – I’ll be reading Tumblr and will eventually post over there and then link it to my tumblr. 

I will likely make it private because – well, privacy, but feel free to ask for password – I want you guys who follow me to be able to find it. Just not complete strangers 🙂

Ugh! I guess I need to join in. I have an old WordPress I’ll reboot I suppose. Why can’t tumblr just let us reply to each other! How does it bother them so much they took it awayyyy 😓

Sigh…I guess it’s time to try wordpress again.  I started one but didn’t bother with it because of the lack of community.  I’m http://amandainbalance.com/.

Now, I’m going to have to look up feedly.

My wordpress is http://www.hoosierdietitian.wordpress.com

Oh man. I didn’t realize that everyone was moving over.. I had a wordpress before:


I’ll start posting again if everyone else is over there too.. I just faded from it a bit.


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I am a 23 year old New Yorker. I am a runner! When I'm not running I love reading, being outside, hiking, going to the gym... I am currently a Master's student studying Public Administration and should have my degree by May 2016.

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