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Five Things Friday!

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  1. I’ve been having really awesome workouts lately. I think it’s because of the new gym. I don’t feel as much pressure without as many people. Even though Planet Fitness is “no judgement” there’s constantly people around you and you can’t really work out in peace. I’m having really great runs and feeling super strong. It’s also nice to not have to go outside with wet hair and just walk up to work.
  2. I did take yesterday off. I had worked out everyday for a week straight and I needed to take a break. It felt nice but I did have pizza for dinner and part of me was like – WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Oh well. Live a little right?
  3. I feel like my thesis finally is getting moving. I have gotten back in contact with the organization and this is the last thing that I need from them. I feel like I guilted them a little but I am sick of waiting around on them to do everything.
  4. I am really starting to miss Mike. It sucks having opposite schedules and not seeing each other Sunday-Friday. I hope that he has a chance to get off this team soon and go back to normal hours. But we are getting through it and I do have plenty of PTO to take some Fridays off to hang out together.
  5. I shouldn’t say this because I live in Buffalo – But I am so sick of it snowing. I know we got lucky so far this season, but it’s snowed almost every day this week. The roads have been pretty mushy most nights and it’s just irritating because they should be prepared for this. Rant over.

Happy Friday!


Author: kaylarunshappy

I am a 23 year old New Yorker. I am a runner! When I'm not running I love reading, being outside, hiking, going to the gym... I am currently a Master's student studying Public Administration and should have my degree by May 2016.

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