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Cleaning Up My Diet

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So I was just thinking about something. I have been struggling with my weight. I know I am doing what I can with exercise… And I even have a workout plan, but I don’t have a plan for my diet, and that’s so important… And I think for me to really buckle down and lose weight, I really need to get focused on losing weight and not just running/lifting/etc. Obviously, I think to most people we know that we need to workout and eat healthy, but it’s so hard to put into motion. I am using this post to think out what I need to do and take it step by step to get the action back in place.

  1. Use Fibit to track water. I know I’m drinking a lot, but I want to make sure I am drinking enough. Hit goal daily.
  2. Track food on Lose It daily. I am TERRIBLE about this. This will bring my awareness of my diet to a whole new level. This will also help me to set goals each week of what I can improve.
  3. Try to make sure I am eating enough fruits and vegetables with every meal.

These are such little things, but after this next week, I will know what to pinpoint further and how to fine-tune my diet to work better with me, rather than against me.


Author: kaylarunshappy

I am a 23 year old New Yorker. I am a runner! When I'm not running I love reading, being outside, hiking, going to the gym... I am currently a Master's student studying Public Administration and should have my degree by May 2016.

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