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Thinking Out Loud Thursday (It’s been awhile)

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Thanks to Amanda for always hosting them!

I’ve been fairly quiet on social media lately. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t have a lot to say… My schedule is fairly repetitive. I get up at 5am, workout, go to work, come home make dinner, chill and watch tv/read.

But I have been running amazing! I hit 90 miles this month and my goal is to just hit 85 this month (minus two days, so idk if I can get as high).
I’ve also started a lifting program on BodySpace –> Body Building app. I’ve lifted 3 times already this week and I plan on lifting on Saturday. I am feeling a lot stronger, but also way more sore so I will be happy when I adjust to it.

I’ve been thinking about races too. The Buffalo Shamrock run is in March, but I am a little hesitant to sign up. It’s right near my work so it would be fun to run around roads there, but I’m not sure if I actually WANT to do it. I might wait until Spring until I have more options with races.
My mom and I are gonna walk a 5k together though so that will be fun!

Work has been crazy this week. Normally it’s a pretty typical routine, but for some reason were working this extra list with these accounts, so it’s a whole set of work that is time consuming. We don’t really work overtime, so it’s a do-what-you-can-do in the time that you are there. AND the client I work for is coming into town next week so that will be interesting. I’m hearing rumors about incentives and “shining” so we will see.

Mike and I are going to look at a new apartment tomorrow. We like ours, but even moving to the next town over would cut off at least 15 mins of my drive. I have to drive around the town to get home, and I made it to the turn by 5pm today so that’s cutting off almost 30 mins. Also, we drive at least 10 mins if not more to any sort of store, so that will be nice to be close to things and have other places to run.

Oh and I took a PTO day off tomorrow, WEEKEND TIME.


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I am a 23 year old New Yorker. I am a runner! When I'm not running I love reading, being outside, hiking, going to the gym... I am currently a Master's student studying Public Administration and should have my degree by May 2016.

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