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It’s been awhile.

I’ve gotten into this rut. This really weird rut where I don’t feel like doing anything.

I was doing really good the first part of the year. January-April pulling 90 mile months and trying to hit 100.

May was the Buffalo Half Marathon.

June -August have just been crap. I haven’t been motivated. I don’t feel like working out. I feel burnt out all the time. Burnt out by running. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of working out, but it’s been so hard to just do it.

Now don’t give me any sympathy, I’m not really looking for that here. Mostly just talking out loud and thinking.

I think what kept me motivated before was being organized. Tracking my workouts and posting them online. Sharing my Smashrun and Garmin posts.

I do have a plan for the rest of the week. I took today off. I think Monday’s always need to be my day off no matter what.

Tuesday – 6 miles (missed my long run Sunday and I need something to boost my confidence).
Wednesday – 4 miles + yoga/foam rolling
Thursday – Speedworkout if I can get up in the morning. My goal is to move back into morning workouts. Overall goal this week is to just get them done.
Friday- 4 miles
Saturday- Bike ride with mom
Sunday – 8 miles.

It’s all about planning and preparation and routine. Once I get out of this rut, I know I will feel ten times better. It’s all about just getting out the door.


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Apartment Hunting

So our lease will be up at the end of the month. After that it turns month to month. Sure we could stay here, but I feel like we need to move.
Our apartment is alright. It just feels like it’s getting smaller (550 square feet) and I hate not having a kitchen table. Also, my drive to work is at least 45 mins without traffic.
I would love to move into the suburbs of Buffalo but that would be adding at least 200 bucks onto our rent now. Mike just got a new car and I don’t feel like budgeting more and would rather use it to pay off my student loans.
I did find two apartments. I called one last night and I’m waiting for another call back. I found another nice apartment (even with a washer and a dryer) so I’m gonna get ahold of that this morning to hopefully go look at it this next weekend.
I have contacted 6 different places before this, 2 of them had none available, 2 were craigslist replies that never got back to me and don’t have phone numbers listed, one we tried setting up a viewing and she didn’t show up, and the other one I left a voicemail and haven’t gotten a phone call back and get their voicemail every time.
If you want people to rent your stuff out, and have signs posted outside, you need to answer your phone.

Here’s to hoping for the next apartment we look at.

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Cleaning Up My Diet

So I was just thinking about something. I have been struggling with my weight. I know I am doing what I can with exercise… And I even have a workout plan, but I don’t have a plan for my diet, and that’s so important… And I think for me to really buckle down and lose weight, I really need to get focused on losing weight and not just running/lifting/etc. Obviously, I think to most people we know that we need to workout and eat healthy, but it’s so hard to put into motion. I am using this post to think out what I need to do and take it step by step to get the action back in place.

  1. Use Fibit to track water. I know I’m drinking a lot, but I want to make sure I am drinking enough. Hit goal daily.
  2. Track food on Lose It daily. I am TERRIBLE about this. This will bring my awareness of my diet to a whole new level. This will also help me to set goals each week of what I can improve.
  3. Try to make sure I am eating enough fruits and vegetables with every meal.

These are such little things, but after this next week, I will know what to pinpoint further and how to fine-tune my diet to work better with me, rather than against me.

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday (It’s been awhile)


It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Thanks to Amanda for always hosting them!

I’ve been fairly quiet on social media lately. Sometimes I feel like I just don’t have a lot to say… My schedule is fairly repetitive. I get up at 5am, workout, go to work, come home make dinner, chill and watch tv/read.

But I have been running amazing! I hit 90 miles this month and my goal is to just hit 85 this month (minus two days, so idk if I can get as high).
I’ve also started a lifting program on BodySpace –> Body Building app. I’ve lifted 3 times already this week and I plan on lifting on Saturday. I am feeling a lot stronger, but also way more sore so I will be happy when I adjust to it.

I’ve been thinking about races too. The Buffalo Shamrock run is in March, but I am a little hesitant to sign up. It’s right near my work so it would be fun to run around roads there, but I’m not sure if I actually WANT to do it. I might wait until Spring until I have more options with races.
My mom and I are gonna walk a 5k together though so that will be fun!

Work has been crazy this week. Normally it’s a pretty typical routine, but for some reason were working this extra list with these accounts, so it’s a whole set of work that is time consuming. We don’t really work overtime, so it’s a do-what-you-can-do in the time that you are there. AND the client I work for is coming into town next week so that will be interesting. I’m hearing rumors about incentives and “shining” so we will see.

Mike and I are going to look at a new apartment tomorrow. We like ours, but even moving to the next town over would cut off at least 15 mins of my drive. I have to drive around the town to get home, and I made it to the turn by 5pm today so that’s cutting off almost 30 mins. Also, we drive at least 10 mins if not more to any sort of store, so that will be nice to be close to things and have other places to run.

Oh and I took a PTO day off tomorrow, WEEKEND TIME.

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January 2016!

imageScreen Shot 2016-01-31 at 6.48.32 PM

  • 90 miles! Goal achieved. My overall goal for the year is 1000 miles = 84 miles a month. A big jump from last year when in the Fall I was averaging between 65-70. In 2014 I was pulling 100 mile months all the time. 2015 was just an off year for me. A lot was going on, and I just expected too much of myself.
  • I feel super strong. I just feel awesome. I’ve been hitting the gym before work 4x a week at 630 AM. Saturday’s are always consistent because I go with my mom. I am hoping to get a bit faster, but I am okay with my average pace so far. It’s a little slower than I would like, but my miles have increase so I need to take it easy.
  • My eating has been okay. This weekend was a little rough, but I was hanging out with friends and stuff. I downloaded Lose It so I want to try and use that daily in Feb. I’m so bad about tracking food but I know it will help me keep on track.
  • My goal for Feb is to stay consistent, keep drinking lots of water at work, and lift more. I downloaded the BodySpace (bodspace?) app with a lifting program to get back in the lifting game.

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Five Things Friday!

  1. I’ve been having really awesome workouts lately. I think it’s because of the new gym. I don’t feel as much pressure without as many people. Even though Planet Fitness is “no judgement” there’s constantly people around you and you can’t really work out in peace. I’m having really great runs and feeling super strong. It’s also nice to not have to go outside with wet hair and just walk up to work.
  2. I did take yesterday off. I had worked out everyday for a week straight and I needed to take a break. It felt nice but I did have pizza for dinner and part of me was like – WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Oh well. Live a little right?
  3. I feel like my thesis finally is getting moving. I have gotten back in contact with the organization and this is the last thing that I need from them. I feel like I guilted them a little but I am sick of waiting around on them to do everything.
  4. I am really starting to miss Mike. It sucks having opposite schedules and not seeing each other Sunday-Friday. I hope that he has a chance to get off this team soon and go back to normal hours. But we are getting through it and I do have plenty of PTO to take some Fridays off to hang out together.
  5. I shouldn’t say this because I live in Buffalo – But I am so sick of it snowing. I know we got lucky so far this season, but it’s snowed almost every day this week. The roads have been pretty mushy most nights and it’s just irritating because they should be prepared for this. Rant over.

Happy Friday!

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Tumblr to WordPress










Okay, if everyone is jumping over to wordpress (as it seems), can you all start a reblog of your new URLs there so I can add them to my feedly (thanks @straightarrowlife​ for that recommendation)?

So far I’ve got

@karikeepsrunning at karikeepsrunning.wordpress.com

@breatherunlive at breatherunlive.wordpress.com

So please reblog if you’re jumping over too!

My wordpress is Tridad3k.com

My WordPress: EraseAllDoubt.com

Mine is wsb2015.wordpress.com I’ll keep it up and running over there if some of you will no longer be on Tumblr.

I am going to blog on WordPress, but it will post a link to here as well. And I will still check my Tumblr dash as well. I would miss all of you too much! But, I will say with just the dozen or people that have already shown up on my WordPress Dash…I am really enjoying being able to comment and reply to comments!! Eek! I’m like a kid in a candy store 🙂 


No content yet (Technology takes me a little while to figure out – so it might be a bit of a slow transfer.) Like Kari – I’ll be reading Tumblr and will eventually post over there and then link it to my tumblr. 

I will likely make it private because – well, privacy, but feel free to ask for password – I want you guys who follow me to be able to find it. Just not complete strangers 🙂

Ugh! I guess I need to join in. I have an old WordPress I’ll reboot I suppose. Why can’t tumblr just let us reply to each other! How does it bother them so much they took it awayyyy 😓

Sigh…I guess it’s time to try wordpress again.  I started one but didn’t bother with it because of the lack of community.  I’m http://amandainbalance.com/.

Now, I’m going to have to look up feedly.

My wordpress is http://www.hoosierdietitian.wordpress.com

Oh man. I didn’t realize that everyone was moving over.. I had a wordpress before:


I’ll start posting again if everyone else is over there too.. I just faded from it a bit.