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So I cracked my Macbook Pro screen over a year ago and have been putting it off replacing it.
My battery hasn’t been holding a charge lately and I wanted to just do everything at once.
Replacing the screen alone is 3-4 hundred.
I think I just might replace the battery and deal with the screen cause theres nothing else wrong with the computer.
Oh electronics.


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I was planning on going running with someone this morning and they weren’t sure because of the possibility of snow. I’m the type of person that doesn’t want to drag someone out there if they don’t wanna do something. 

I may go to the gym later. I may not. I might just take the day to actually relax. I felt like I did that a lot yesterday, but I also had a huge workout yesterday that’s leaving me groggy today. 

I’m gonna feel the day out. Mike is working overtime today so I won’t have too much to do after he leaves. But for now, hot chocolate and watching the snow fall outside. 

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I got a new capri’s! These are actually from Walmart. When it comes to shorts, tanks and capri’s I’m really not picky with brand or whatever. Outerwear and tights I make sure I get nice ones so they are warm.

I love these cute patterns!

I ran with my mom at the gym today. It was good. I feel like I’m starting to find my groove again and I’m not having sucky runs all the time. I should be getting outside more but I’ve never been an after dark runner with the way traffic is around here. I’ll get out there again soon.

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Post run and workout at my new work gym. I dropped my planet fitness membership down to 10 a month for weekends and etc. And then this one will probably be covered mostly under my health insurance.
It’s a little gym but its just nicer. Nice bathrooms new equipment etc. And I was the only one there for the first 30 mins and then only 4 people were there the whole time!

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I have such weird feelings about being a loner sometimes.
I’ve really protected myself over the past two years because people bail so much on you.
But then like I wish I had friends for coffee dates.

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I’m thinking about so much today.

-We were looking at apartments last night. We would love to move closer to work into the suburbs of Buffalo but it’s way more pricy that what we are paying now. About 200-300 dollars more a month in rent. Yes it would cut down dramatically on driving time but gas is only $2 a gallon right now so I’m spending like $30 a week on gas/ $120 a month. The other thought is to move into the bigger town near us and it would cut 15 mins on our drive. Still a 40ish min commute for me. Idk. Do I want to spend more on rent a month? Not really. I would rather focus on paying my student loans with that money.

-I’m going running after work. As much as I love running before work I don’t give myself time. I wake up at 5 to get there by 545 to shower by 650. So this way I can have more time to run without the pressure of driving to work. Yay!

-My project contact has not gotten back to me. I’m gonna call her today and let her know we’re going with my ideas because she’s not communicating. I can’t wait until I’m done with this.

-the weather is annoying this week. This is a big reason we’re thinking about moving closer. All week it’s been icy, windy, snowy…but we do live in WNY so it will be bad when it snows anywhere. But cutting driving time would take away some of the anxiousness of icy roads.

-on that note time to get ready to make my commute in.